Scientific Program

Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 9th European Summit on Robots and Artificial Intelligence Rome, Italy.

Day 1 :

Keynote Forum

Emory Craig

CEO, Digital Bodies

Keynote: Algorithms as Reality: The Convergence of AI and VR in our Virtual Future

Time : 9:15 -10:00

Conference Series Smart Robotics 2021 International Conference Keynote Speaker Emory Craig  photo

Emory Craig brings broad experience in higher education and the creative industries to his work on XR, AI, and digital ethics. He is the CEO at Digital Bodies, a consulting group and popular website for news and analysis of immersive technologies. He has worked with the UN and the OECD on policy recommendations for using virtual reality and artificial intelligence. He has authored several peer reviewed articles and co-author of the EDUCAUSE series: “VR/AR: Stepping into the New Frontier of Learning.”  He is an Innovator in Residence at ASU for the ShapingEDU Initiative on the future of higher education. 


As parallel developments, both artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) are rapidly scaling up in the current decade. AI automates complex systems from industrial processes to customer relations and activities once reserved for humans, such as driving. Simultaneously, VR is revolutionizing learning and workforce training and reinventing the oldest of human arts, storytelling. As these developments converge, AI is becoming a catalyzing technology that transforms immersive experiences, and VR will give visual form to AI programming through embodied intelligent agents. This confluence raises profound philosophical questions that have their roots in Alan Turning's work. Will we be able to distinguish AI-based avatars from human-based digital beings in virtual worlds? How will we respond to AI when it is not embedded in programming but interacts with us through affective interfaces? The current ethical debates over AI and the implications of innovative immersive experiences in VR are the early signposts of what lies ahead - a road that weaves its way through treacherous terrain to incredible opportunities to transform humanity's future.


  • Robotics, AI
Location: Online

Session Introduction

Achonu Chibuike

Abia state, Aba north local government


Time : 10 AM


Hi, Am Achonu Chibuike, from Abia state, Aba north local government, I love Success and it all about Think, Idea, Do It. Highlights's profile picture. Website Developer at mtpurpose



The answer to this is that for computers to used human intelligence this will require what we called programming languages, this are languages that computers understand as we human beings understand English, Spanish and lots more. Computers understand programming languages and perform the task the programmer orders.

Who is a programmer?

A programmer is a person that give the computer a task to perform in form of written order.

Examples of programming languages includes:

C#,C++,Python,React,Java,and so on.


Rosalia Reyna Torrez Villca

Team TED & WOMADO, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Title: WOMADO, robotics with purpose

Time : 10.30 AM


Rosalia Reyna Torrez Villca completed her studies as a Natural Sciences teacher with a mention in Physics-Chemistry at the E.S.F.M “Simón Rodriguez” and postgraduate studies from the Latin American University and the Postgraduate School of the Bolivian Navy. He is the representative and CEO of Team TED, a multidisciplinary team for technological development and innovation in education. She has created WOMADO and expanded it throughout the Americas in recent years, an international speaker in the area of ​​ICTs and TACs in innovation in education, scientific communicator, co-organizer, mentor and judge in robotics events.



WOMADO is a scientific and technological initiation program for boys and girls that develops projects based on the MURIKU Doers line (system for the development of solution proposals with a synergistic approach according to the different needs, problems or potentialities committed to the development of the community) and robotics based on the Maker movement.



Yunhan Wang

Jilin Engineering Normal University, China

Title: Robot Engineer

Time : 11 AM


Yunhan has completed his Bachelor degree at the age of 24 years from Jilin Engineering Normal University . He is the site manager of  Robotics , a senior robot engineer working nearly 8years. He has engaged more than 10 BIW(Body In White) projects till now. He is familiar with all the technics in BIW workshop, from electric to pneumatic, from mechanic to robotic , and with his excellent leadership, all the projects successfully finished!



Joe Mardell

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK

Title: AI for Good

Time : 11.30 AM


Joe is currently 20 years old, studying an Entrepreurial Business Management Undergraduate Degree at Northumbria University. He is the Co-Director of the European Chatbot Summit 2021. He is the host of Founders of the Future, an emerging technology entrepreneurship podcast, and has interviewed 16 tech startup founders in the fields of AI, Blockchain, IoT, Virtual Reality and many more.




Artificial is an inexorable force, whether we like it or not. In the right hands, artificial itelligence can be a force for good. I believe AI has the potential to solve some of the worlds grand challenges. AI has the potential to change the lives of billions, and the course of history.My talk will help you to understand where the opportunities lie, and how to take advantage of them.